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The essential kit for any pirate! We provide the loot (rum, lots of it), a treasure map (to look for a treasure or bury your own) and a compass (not sure if this points to the thing you like the most...).


Highly detailed custom printed parts on a limited release (only 50 sets were made).


Each kit has the following:

- 1 treasure map

- 1 compass

- 6 bottles of rum

- 1 rum crate


BONUS: If your crate contains a bottle of "Captain Nick" rum (see last picture), you are the winner of a $50 BrickDesigners' gift card! Just send us an email with your Order # and a picture of the bottle (front and back) to claim it.

Printed Parts - Pirate's Survival Kit

Out of Stock
    • Printed on new Lego® elements.
    • Parts are shipped within 3 business days.

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