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  • Do you have resellers?
    Yes we do! For our customers in Asia looking to save on shipping, WarBrickHQ is our only authorized reseller, carrying a great variety of our printed parts packs as well as full sets.
  • How do I use the "List of Parts.txt" file I received?
    Bricklink accepts XML files so you can easily upload a list of parts you need, but because sometimes when you download a XML file to your computer via email, it may not be recognized as such, so the XML format was saved as .TXT (which is opened via Notepad or similar application). How to purchase parts from Bricklink using our list of parts file.
  • Do you have other designs available?
    We try to release new designs every other week, but if you have a specific model / sticker that you are looking for, contact us with your request.
  • Why don't you sell bricks for all designs?
    We don't keep a stock of bricks for all designs besides those listed for sale. If you are looking for bricks for a specific model not listed under "Complete MOCs", please contact us with your request.
  • Do you have a minimum purchase requirement?
    There is no minimum purchase required for sticker + instructions items, but custom stickers are sold by the page, with a minimum purchase of 1/2 page.
  • I have a question about my order.
    Please send an email to with your Order # and your query. Please allow us at least 1 business day to respond to your message before re-sending your query.
  • I tried using the Bricklink.txt file but says it is not supported, now what?
    If you received that message, you are trying to upload the file, instead of copying/pasting its contents. Please make sure to follow ALL the steps on the guide we provided which was sent via email together with the manuals. You can also access the guide on how to use the Bricklink.txt file here.
  • Do you combine orders so I don’t have to pay shipping more than once?
    Yes, we can combine orders provided that: - Your existing/previous order did not ship yet. - You request shipping to be combined PRIOR to placing your new order (add your existing order # in the Combine Shipping field during checkout). Please note the following: - We will NOT keep orders open for future orders, once your items are ready to ship, your order(s) will be fulfilled accordingly. - You will still pay for the extra shipping which will then be refunded as per below. - Combined orders will ship once ALL items are available or within 60 days of your first open order, this includes pre-orders, etc. - Shipping cost will be recalculated based on the new weight of the combined orders and any difference will be refunded to you once the orders are shipped. This means that you may receive less than what you paid for the extra shipping cost, or no refund at all depending on the new combined weight (we use UPS for international orders above a certain weight limit which costs more than USPS). - All available refunds are sent via Paypal once your orders are shipped. - We will combine orders up to 60 days from the date of the first order you requested to be combined. After that time period, whatever items are ready, they will be shipped.
  • I received a tracking number, now what?
    Great news! If you received an email with a tracking number, your order will be handed over to the USPS on the next business day. Our local post office can take up to 3 business days to scan packages so you may not see any updates during this time.
  • I see $99.99 as my shipping cost? Why so much?
    If you see $99.99 as your total shipping cost, it means that unfortunately we are unable to mail items to your destination at a reasonable price. For international destinations, we only ship with tracking, and unfortunately that option is not available to all countries, but you can still purchase "Instructions Only" which are sent via email, therefore shipping is free for those.
  • When will my Pre-Order ship? What if it contains other items on the same order?
    Shipment timeframe for a pre-order is listed in its respective product/listing description. If you order contains other items (listed as in stock), ALL items in your order will ship together when your pre-order is shipped. If you prefer to have in stock items shipped as soon as possible, please place separate orders (shipping charges will apply for each order accordingly).
  • I want to buy your designs, but you don't ship to my country, why?
    All international orders include tracking to make sure that our Clients know where their package is. Unfortunately international tracking is not an option to all countries, or it is too expensive, so as much as we would like to make our designs/stickers available, we still can't ship to everyone. Still, the same does not apply to "instructions only", so if you are interested in purchasing instructions only, and cannot complete the checkout in our store because we currently do not ship physical items to your country, send us an email with your request ( and we will send you an invoice via Paypal for that item. Instruction orders are fullfilled within 24hrs (usually much faster).
  • I have made a purchase XX days ago and still have not received my stickers.
    The USPS is utilizing sea transportation to address the issue of limited air transportation to certain destinations, resulting in longer than usual international shipping times. For more information, please read this article.
  • I received an email saying that my order is completed, but there is no tracking number?
    If there is no tracking number on the message you received, you have purchased "Instructions Only" which are sent via email (as a link to download the building manual/parts list). We only send emails to the same address listed in your order. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • I have sent you ideas for models, but I don't see them yet.
    As much as we would like to work on all of your suggestions, in order to release a new model, a lot of work and time is spent in designing, putting instructions and stickers together. We have a long list of ideas to work on it, so don't think we forgot about your suggestion, its just that we have been very busy :).
  • How much do you charge for custom designs?
    Price varies based on scale of the model, features (e.g.: moving parts, etc) as well as stickers. Please provide as much detail as possible so that we can provide you with a quote for the work. The cost for the model includes a building manual (PDF file), parts list (compatible with Bricklink) as well as a sticker sheet to build 1 set.


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