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BrickDesigners was created for those who want to build unique custom models that look realistic and are playable. All of our designs were created

with that in mind (both at minifig or large scale), so not only they look great, but they  also have the “play/swoosh” factor that we all enjoy.

We are constantly working on new ideas, and even though we limit

our  focus to real vehicles/designs (sorry, no spaceships),

there are plenty of options to keep us busy.

If you are looking for a specific model or sticker design

for your next project and we still don’t  have it in

our store, send us a message with your idea(s) 

and we will review your suggestion for a possible


We ship fast and we respond to your questions

even faster, so keep checking back as we

are constantly releasing new models. 

Happy Building!

Robson @ BrickDesigners

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