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These are NOT complete models, you will only receive the printed parts + digital instructions (see below for details). The remaining parts must be purchased or gathered from your own collection. 


Our printed parts packs are an affordable way to build high quality models with excellent prints.


There are 2 packs available:

- SUV: pack contains 30 printed parts. 

- SUV + set parts: pack contains 38 printed parts (the extra 8 parts will replace the stickers on the set)


Both packs require 170 additional parts to complete the SUV model. You can download the list of parts here.


Purchase 2 or more packs (e.g.: 2x SUVs, 1 SUV + 1 Staff Vehicle, 2x Staff Vehicles) and you will receive free instructions to build the Camo SUV.


The link to download the building manual(s) will be sent as a QR code along with the printed parts pack.

Printed Parts Pack - SUV

PriceFrom $51.00
  • Printed on new Lego® elements.

  • Printed parts will ship within 5 business days.

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