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You are purchasing digital (PDF File) instructions + printed parts pack to build a Gun Truck. There are 6 unique and amazing designs to chose from, all based on trucks used during the Vietnam war.


There are NOT complete models, you will only receive the printed parts for the design(s) you selected. The remaining parts (including third party guns) must be purchased or gathered from your collection.


These packs are an affordable way to build high quality models with excellent printed parts. Check our Gallery for additional pictures of each truck.


Make sure to get your printed ammo cans here and some nice armored vehicles too!


Each pack contains the following:


Red Baron
- 42 printed parts (requires additional 336 parts + third party guns)


- 46 printed parts (requires additional 317 parts + third party guns)


Eve of Destruction
- 35 printed parts (requires additional 332 parts + third party guns)


Mother's Worry

- 47 printed parts (requires additional 332 parts + third party guns)


- 31 printed parts (requires additional 314 parts + third party guns)


Quad .50s
- 22 printed parts (requires additional 307 parts + third party gun parts)


In addition, if you purchase 5 of these packs, you will receive a free printed parts pack + instructions to build the "Transport" version. An exclusive design that will not be available for purchase. 



- These are NOT complete models, you will only receive the Lego® printed parts for each pack. The remaining parts (including third party guns/ammo cans) must be purchased or gathered from your own collection. 

Printed Parts Pack - Gun Truck

PriceFrom $65.00