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Upgrade your Brickmania® US Modern Tank with our printed parts pack! This is the last re-stock for this item!


2 packs to choose from:

- "Regular": contains 55 parts

- "Reactive Armor": contains 63 parts


You can also customize the writing on the barrel. 


Please note that the numbers printed on the slopes may be different from those shown in the pictures.


Digital instructions to build this amazing design can be purchased from


What this is:

Replacement parts that may be added to your original Brickmania® set. At Brickdesigners, we encourage everyone to support other companies/designs by purchasing their original products.


What it's not:

An excuse to violate copyright. Individuals making public posts or statements of their use of this pack to violate the copyright of other companies will be prevented from purchasing our products in the future.


In summmary:

This improves what you have, or at least gives you another reason to purchase a great set!

Printed Parts Pack - US Modern Tank

PriceFrom $84.00
Out of Stock
    • Printed on new Lego® elements.
    • Parts will ship within 5 business days.

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