This is a pre-order, parts will be shipped within 20 business days! Please read our FAQ for pre-order information.


Upgrade your Brickmania® Supersonic Multirole Fighter with our printed parts pack.


It features:

- 53 parts

- pre-built stabilizer

- choose 1 tail art and 1 helmet design

- option to customize tail markings 


No additional parts are required to use our pack, you will simply swap those from your existing model, or you can still purchase this amazing plane design here and upgrade it with our pack!


Custom Designs: If you would like a different tail flash art than those displayed here, send us an email with your order number and reference pictures so that we can provide a quote for the additional work.


What this is:

Replacement parts that may be added to your original Brickmania® set. At Brickdesigners, we encourage everyone to support other companies/designs by purchasing their original products.


What it's not:

An excuse to violate copyright. Individuals making public posts or statements of their use of this pack to violate the copyright of other companies will be prevented from purchasing our products in the future.


In summmary:

This improves what you have, or at least gives you another reason to purchase a great set!

Printed Artwork - Multirole Fighter Jet Parts Pack

PriceFrom $98.00
    • Printed on new Lego® elements.
    • Parts are shipped within 20 business days.

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