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Gun Trucks in Vietnam were considered a dedicated weapons platform with improvised armor and its main mission was to provide protection for convoys/transport vehicles. Gun Trucks started as regular trucks and were "upgraded" with spare parts available in the field, including in many cases, complete APC hulls (minus wheels/tracks) such as these designs.


You can choose from 2 "names" (both based on real Gun Trucks), and markings will also change accordingly.


This set also features:

- Various printed markings and 2 "names" to choose from

- functional doors / hatches

- Truck and APC are built as separate models and can be easily attached/disconnected

- 1x .50 cal MG + 2x M60s (compatible with but not made by Lego®)

- 488 Lego® elements

Gun Truck - Set

    • Printed on new Lego® elements.
    • Building Manual (PDF file) will be provided with the parts as a QR code to be scanned.
    • Parts are shipped within 5-7 business dayss from purchase date.

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