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Set of stickers to be used with Brick Veteran™ Supersonic jet model. 


With the release of instructions for their fantastic jet design, we are bringing these sticker sets to complete your build! Instructions and parts list can be purchased from Brickveteran's website.


IMPORTANT: If you are purchasing our "Fighter Weapons School" stickers, you can download the list of black parts (Bricklink compatible) needed to modify the design provided by BrickVeteran. You can download the file here. You can find instructions on how to use that file in our FAQ.


What you will receive:

- Sticker sheets (precut and printed in clear and white vinyl sheets) for 1 set


Please note that stickers for Jolly Rogers, Tomcatter and Pukin Dogs are clear/transparent and were made to be used with the model built using Light Bluish Gray parts.


Choose from "Jolly Rogers", "Aggressor", "Tomcatters", " Pukin Dogs" or "Fighter Weapons School".

BrickVeteran - Supersonic Jet Stickers

PriceFrom $20.00